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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  September 24, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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lives handed it off with 20 seconds to spare. look at this for timing. this pope is there with john kerry, secretary of state. that was the one person this morning he shook hands with the pope. a lot of people were encouraged not to shake hands as he made his entrance into the chamber of commerce. john kerry was an exception because they are close. the pope believes people who make deals with other countries come antagonistic countries are peacemakers in there did seem to be a bomb there. >> sharing is very similar to the arrival and when they appeared catholic students were asked to be there in several military families on the ground. we should say is now about to walk up the steps to the boeing 777. an american airline jet. otherwise it's a regular 777 that will bring in to new york
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and philadelphia by him back to italy come a tradition that every pope usually does take part in. i was part of the country. >> he's got two seconds, one sack and. he's pretty darn close to it. anyone who's flown in the past couple years knows what should be about a 40 minute drive from jfk to midtown manhattan is more like a two-hour drive because all of the horrendous construction going on on the roadway. i have a feeling they will find a way to get through the roof so not only is the traffic blocked up in manhattan, but also blocked up the entire way from jfk to hear. >> this is just like having a president arrived in new york city. he will of course come into
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lower manhattan by helicopter and then he will make that an incredible trip. the st. patrick's cathedral, we are there talking with lives. tens of thousands of people expected along fifth avenue. >> cap he took up is the same gesture and washington. it's a humbling gesture often not done by a pope, sort of indicative so far up his humble origins come insistence on doing things when at all possible and the crt is driving around. >> the jeep wrangler, the pope mobile. the executive director of the dominican foundation, james freeman and "the wall street journal"'s best. bill daley, fbi investigator and journal poster, author of the book god's banker, history of money and power.
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i would like to start reviewing pitch your initial thoughts on what david mentioned a few moments ago, and historic address to congress this morning, the joint meeting of congress, not a session, but a meeting of congress. what are your initial thoughts about the pope's remarks this morning? >> i was very pleased of his remarks. he challenged everybody on both sides on the political spectrum. there's obviously key issues. he is trying to remind people that are required to be challenged. one of my favorite business was the unplanned visit to the little sisters aporia sending a message there. he was also challenging us all to enter into a dialogue to fix problems and see where we can have common ground. the >> the wall street editorial page has been critical of the pope. dan henniker had a piece about
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the politicization of the pope. today was different. even though the media plays it as a tilt to the left, they actually changed the headline was originally tilting to the left. from my perspective i didn't feel he played one side or the other. there is one line, a nod to the goodwill of business people in the united states talking about the spirit of america. he said businesses ennobled location directed to producing wealth in improving the world, a fruitful source of prosperity for the area and operate. even then not do business, which he's been criticized for being critical of in the past. >> for someone who likes free market, conservative catholics could've been so much worse when you look at what he said recently. i thought it was pretty good. what is frustrating for people
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of a conservative band is the progressive messages tend to be explicit in the conservative ones tend to be more implied. >> hold on a second. this is a very explicit reference to business, calling it a noble vocation. nothing subtle about that. the >> was a good thing to hear and other th positive as well. the subsidiary which is a conservative print the bowl. he also reminded americans the declaration of independence, we hear that our rights come from god. from conservative catholics, those are nice messages to hear. the >> i want to bring in bill daley again. we are looking at shepherd one, an american airlines triple seven boeing taking the pontiff to new york city. want to bring you in on that. the police commissioner say this visit is the largest security
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challenged the department and the city will ever face. more than 6000 police officers. i don't think i've ever seen >> if we luck out -- we can see the security in place here. it is something the police and the secret service does take the lead of protecting the pope. and the diplomatic protection. and they have deployed thousands of police officers and a barricade closing off -- and it i would say there are never things driving this. it is the pontiff's visit here.
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we know of her cds had some adversaries, even people from isis making threats against the vatican but also here at the same time we have many heads of state new york and the u.n. for the 70th anniversary of the united nations general assembly. >> which he will be addressing. the >> there's a convergence of big security issues and the pope right now is certainly the men of the afternoon as we awaited new york. >> 6000 police officers, 1173 police cars, concrete barriers, the list goes on and on. he will be at the u.n., and madison square garden. and if vespers prayers at the cathedral. one thing about the speech itself.
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the vatican is a world in itself. he alluded themselves as saying he's not as liberal. who writes the speeches? >> there a handful of cardinals around him and a monsignor and bishop has been an aide to the former pope benedict who understands the sector politics that the vatican in its own country, also where it has at the same time the world's second-largest religion and a handful of advisers will do the draft and this is a hands-on pope. all of the advisers in argentina told the people of rome this book gets down to the details. will change words on you and rearrange lines. >> thinking back to ronald reagan when he wrote his tear down this wall speech. a lot of advisers told him don't do it. it's too antagonistic.
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he said the heck with that. it sounds like this pope has the same attitude towards speeches. >> the last pope but this attitude was john paul ii, the great allied bringing down communism, especially bringing up solidarity in poland. if you hear something in his work in the fine line trying to t antagonize someone, but remember his main goal is to make a tense inclusive and bring in as far as possible so everyone can comment and increase the numbers of catholics who want to be there and come back. i'm a catholic journalist and i look at it from that perspective. this pope talks about a large encompassing to watch everybody there. >> to the extent the message is much more conciliatory, you are saying that had his stamp, his personal stamp on it, wasn't something written. >> he is more than a smile.
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i know that from the last two years. i was skeptical when i first came in that he would have the courage or wherewithal or smarts to reform the scandal that i wrote about. he did. he's in the process of doing it, making into a mundane federal reserve. she's involved in the details. if something comes up you don't like where the people don't like coming he will take more heat because he is so hands-on. he gets the benefit of right now because it's popular with non-catholics. >> gentlemen, thank you here is a look at the live pictures, wheels up in wheels down from d.c. to new york as a 45 minute flight, but this is a boeing 777. not sure what altitudes they will take to get over. the skies have been cleared by the secret service. we don't have a flight plan, but
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of course everything coming out of washington. i want to stay in washington because it was historic and busy day for the pontiff while he was in the nations capital. the pope's message of solidarity encouraged to a joint meeting with 11 standing ovations in the commerce members to tears. it was then arrested even that wasn't supposed to be by applause 37 times with marcia but are in the audience this morning joining me. i want to hear about the mood. all of us have gotten a kick over the fact you were all asked not to applaud. you will make it 37 times. test each contain yourself? >> i guess it is. people were honored and thought it was touching that the popes were able to get that address in english. he was doing not to honor american catholics and also recognize the importance in the united states in the house and
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senate. >> he talked about things like greater opportunities for immigrants. he defended life but not a surly going into the hotbed issue specifically of abortion. he avoided a lot of the hot button issues later from him yesterday. do you think i was a calculated move by the vatican? >> i think probably. they did decide to stay away from things they were controversial and keep it more or less in the middle of the road to show the outrage and the compassion of the pope, defense of the family, but knowing by a large there would be disagreement much in a bipartisan basis from some of the economic and environmental policies that he has chosen to espouse. i think we all appreciated the fact that he did touch on the importance of america is a land
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of opportunity and we appreciated that he did not go further into the immigration issue of which many of those we disagree with. >> one thing he also said any really knew his audience and i guess when you are a orator like he is, he was speaking to your own responsibility as members of congress is to enable the country by a legislative activity. you are the face of its people. that resonate with congress today? >> i think i was such a well-placed line. it was beautifully said. how do you grow the nation to conservatives like me, that means you get government out of the way and allow people to obtain their goals and live out their dreams and to rear their children enjoy their families. that is the freedom free people, free market that we are energized by it. you grow a nation by making certain you protect the sovereignty of the nation.
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i don't know if that is what the pope matt, but to conservatives and catholics probably heard the phrase and not to us it means is, but we need to bear in mind this is the pope's first visit to america and i hope today he realized we can agreeably disagree on some issues that we are hospitable, that we welcomed him well and that we honored him by being present. cheryl: we've been looking at the pontiff's aircraft. we thank you for your time. as we look at a very close shot of the boeing 777, there is the american flag and of course the symbol of the vatican. >> the papacy is in the vatican, which is a country and of course they have their own flag, there was secretary of state. their own country in a little corner of rome. let's bring back lauren green is
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waiting for the pope in new york. i am told about seven people from the fun of the wind down all the streets, leading into st. patrick's cathedral in new york city. if you think of going there right now, i'm afraid you're out of luck. >> you will never make it past security. but there are people lining up on fifth avenue. the pope will be here in two and half hours. dozens are lined up on fifth avenue waiting for pope francis to a provide the same patrick's cathedral. these people have been here for hours, which of course is the home to some of the most luxurious shops, cartier and other spirit all are closed today. instead, some of the 40,000 lucky lottery winners going through security check points and that brings up a security because this thousands of
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n.y.p.d.'s finest tsa, fbi as well as the vatican swiss guard to make sure everyone who is here should be here. >> what time is he able to go to bed. the vespers begins at 6:45. i imagine he will have a dinner with cardinal dolan in new york because he has to get up bright and early. 8:30 a.m. tomorrow morning. >> he will. it's appropriate he should come to new york. after that is the signal for the name. here in new york is the same as admission to the u.n. and he will stay there and had dinner and i hope you'll be in bed early because he is a full day tomorrow. the people here don't seem to worry. they are concerned about seeing him today. i have to show you some of the people in front. special guests who have been
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invited in to greet the pope on the steps of st. patrick's cathedral in some of the young people from the jesuit school and then pan over to the right. those are some of the workers and to reflect events. those are some workers who finished the renovation, the $175 million renovation of st. patrick's cathedral. they finished early just in time for the pope's visit. >> by the wacom of the term miracle was thrown around too casually these days, but i was at st. patrick's about a month and a half ago and all the scaffolding was still up, people were still scraping the decades of dust off of the statues. i never thought they would make it in time. lo and behold they pulled down everything, the curtains come the scaffolding. the place is brand-new. even if you missed the pope frankly you probably missed her chance to do it.
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you've got to come to new york. they have done an amazing job and it was miraculously manage to pull it off on time. reporter: you are right. i heard they were told to finish in time for the pope or never worked for the archdiocese again. >> pose a threat that was given. lauren, will keep coming back to you. cheryl: thank you. i've never seen new york like this. i lived there for 11 years. there is a group of skilled children before i came to the studio. their faces lit up. so excited. >> in an organized way. not a chaotic way. cheryl: even on the streets of new york. there goes the boeing 777. now making its way to the runway on the tarmac.
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about 45 minutes flight. the aircraft has to hit about 20,000 feet of altitude because it is a boeing 777. otherwise you will burn a heck of a lot of field. everything in the plane is still looking like an american airlines jet. they didn't do anything to the inside of the aircraft, but you'll be traveling, taking us all the way back to rome, italy. seven posts up on either an american or twa. i want to bring it back or panel. james freeman, and bill, i want to go back to you. to david's point of new york is a calm, organized palpitation rate now. the next 48 hours in our city is going to be quite intense. what to expect from a security standpoint? >> cert lake, cheryl, this pope was to be with the people.
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we've seen us in washington and elsewhere around the world. there's a clip of him taking a piece from someone in italy at one point whether this trip or elsewhere. here's a man who loves to be with the people yet that is where the security gets tightened up in people at the most concerned protect in hand because once you get out of his vehicle, is pretty much open. look at all the people in the crowd because that may tell them they have an issue they have to deal with. cheryl: he's going to the 9/11 memorial come united nations, st. patrick's cathedral, madison square garden. every single huge venue from a security standpoint, from a crowd standpoint, frankly from a national standpoint that is what amazes me and mr. appeared of time. >> it is. that is why the 6000 plus
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n.y.p.d., fbi, homeland security, secret service taking the lead to screen people will scream them. they have been flat for bombs or any devices along the way making sure his people go in that they are also screened, which may hold dirty dozen people up in central park way out in the open that is best for check it. with an aerial view of new york city new york city, in midtown manhattan come you see police officers and others with sniper scope or that is the protection he's getting in here. almost more than head of state because of the attention he grabs at all the different people who have either positive or negative views of what he's talking about. >> father gabriel, touching on the editorial aspect of this trip, he was so kind and gracious today in applauding the
4:22 pm
american spirit in a speech in front of congress. a very respectful speech to the american people from one who had never been in the united states before. i am wondering what the editorial tone of the speech to the united nations will be. different because he's speaking to a world body, whether we'll have the same conciliatory feel to it or what. >> you nailed it with the word vocation. he spoke to the entrepreneurs of this country during congress top about the creation of jobs. just been a notch for newer, but a vocation, a way of the american dream. a couple of conservative catholics who are on at st. patrick's cathedral as campbell and jones who is a public home depot. >> he mentioned he was instrumental in the restructuring of the refurbishing of st. patrick's
4:23 pm
cathedral. that would really speak to him as well. you realize the pope is not a leftist. tom moynihan, founder of domino's pizza created a lot of jobs. when you read the pope and listen to the pope about everything he says rather than be an eclectic, you really see he does have a balanced view. >> we should mention, you know how the media is. they like to spend things the way they see it and already "the new york times" a famous speech to congress tilted to the last focused only on those aspects that would please the left-wing audience and not necessarily conservatives. it is being spun that way. do you think the vatican is aware of that? >> they are aware of that and aware of the top entrepreneurs, top capitalists in the country who are devout christians and catholics.
4:24 pm
they are going well beyond what the holy father is her many people as giving to the poor. seven give 99% of their total wealth. they are not threatened by this. they are encouraged by the word vocation. this is the american dream. >> along this vein of what we are discussing as he is coming to new york city. this is the home of wall street, home of the banking industry, someone who donated a lot of money with the cathedral fix that and refurbish. this pope really -- was he invited? charlie said he was not invited. >> he didn't give a firm seat. >> charlie told me he was not invited.
4:25 pm
>> he is there. >> thank you for correcting me. >> charlie was upset about the traffic to your >> a lot of us are nervous about within our own welding. >> kenneth bair and did a lot the pope is recognizing entrepreneurs have a gift to kids. >> orangeburg and james freeman because i've made enough money in church and faith is an interesting place for the two to combine in new york city. i'm wondering about the tone of the pope when he begins to arrive in new york if that changes his awareness. he's going to be with a lot of folks that are big-time capitalists in new york city. >> i am hoping a bond with his wonderful messages with us about caring for the poor, also hoping they take away some
4:26 pm
understanding of what has made america so wealthy and allowed it to be the most generous in the world. i wish he had maybe gone to texas to understand the american -- cheryl: we should see shepherd one on his way to new york city, just outlive a joint base and are as. the triple seven american expert in the pontiff and his entourage to new york city. probably after 5:00 p.m. before it lands. they will take them into manhattan, lower and there is a parade, tens of thousands of new yorkers all over the world to just get the one glimpse of pope francis along the route i feed now comes to the big apple.
4:27 pm
>> he's been blessed with unbelievably nice weather. it's solid and all through the trip and all through the weekend. it will be very good flying weather and everything looks to be happening. 6:45 is when investors begin at st. patrick's cathedral. cheryl: we will be there covering everything for you. we have cameras all over the city. lauren green is there at st. patrick's cathedral in begin there will be all kinds of folks there. many, many prominent members of the clergy and as we discussed many prominent new yorkers as well. of course the mayor and governor and celebrities. it will be filled with celebrities. >> he asserted the anti-celebrity pope go away now to a school in harlem as well.
4:28 pm
he's doing a lot of things to get as many regular people. there were lotteries for people to film madison sq. garden. they have lotteries in order to fill. cheryl: vocal tickets to everything. either way, 27 minutes ago the markets closed. here is the dow finished. we didn't and on session lows which is good news. the dow did close at 16,201. another big event, janet yellen will be speaking in 32 minutes from now. this is the third straight session with other markets go down. what will the fed chair say? adam shapiro standing by patiently. scott martin from united advisors, also fox news contributor. it is an update on what the big move was today. >> the big movement today was one trader was telling me they
4:29 pm
are selling at the end. the dow was down 264-point mnf spot back 200 points essentially. so basically they that they will get some kind of indication from janet yellen that there's going to be an interest rate increase and they want that in the market. quote the song from the rocky horror picture show. i don't know if i can say the word, but darn it jane and is essentially what people are saying. get on with it and get it over with. caterpillar, big loser on the dow, 52 week low, 5 cents in change. a lot of it has to do with the cob revenue. you can blame janet. >> scott martin, she is not going to say a thing. we just heard from her. she's not taking any questions today. i know of market participants
4:30 pm
will hear anything from her wicked nerdy here. >> i'm surprised they want the rate hike because the fed getting back involved here would be like déjà vu all over again. let's use that term which is the market will be disappointed to your indication they are. what can janet yellen say, whoops, my bad, sorry we screwed up a couple weeks ago. that is really what the issues that. the fed is way too involved in the markets. they've been napping this whole year about maybe a rate hike, maybe not. a perfect example of this afternoon is she is going to be in the limelight talking about something but i don't think it will have much of an effect. cheryl: if we can look at today's action, how people feel, whether it is justified or not, utilities is the only sector that held onto anything. those are nice dividend payers,
4:31 pm
which shows me there is nervousness out there. >> a careful with those dividends. exxonmobil, bp, chevron, those dividends with oil at you but not when of today, will they still pay dividends going forward? bp will get a 10% yield. cheryl: thank you for your patience and great to have you on here. stay tuned to fox business. we'll have all the details from janet yellen speech coming up for you. >> more details on volkswagen's cheating scandals. the ceo has resigned. many of our executives expected to follow. cheryl: new poll showed more trouble for hillary clinton. we'll tell you who is now hot on her heels. we will be right back.
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4:36 pm
>> a working dinner followed by a little desert to no death and tough conversation between president xi and obama as a two-man look for common ground amid the growing rift between the two countries. as you've heard by now, there is a lengthy list of areas where the u.s. and china do disagree, issues like cybertheft. china's controversial campaign in the south china sea. even what it is washington meddling in asian affairs. the white house says the president is hopeful the meeting face-to-face will produce more than usual. >> the president found in person interaction and sort of outside the glare of the quick life and away from the formality of circus dance. to be pretty insightful. certainly there is no agreement
4:37 pm
and prepared to talk about at this point. but we have made clear to the chinese, both publicly and privately, that issues related to cybersecurity and our concerns with china's condit and savers they both feature prominently on the agenda appears >> for those of you like me who can't wait to find out what is on the menu, a state dinner will include lobster in colorado lamb. sounds like a place i would like to be. the two men will continue their made in how the bilateral news conference and areas of cooperation in contention. back to you. >> both of them sound good in >> the race to the head of the pack when gop front-runfront-run ner falling behind some new competition. driving just got a whole lot less stressful. the car seat that will keep you
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>> volkswagen crisis getting more toxic one day after the ceo announced his resignation amid the company falsified emissions test putting the rest of the automakers in the spotlight. join them enough, just lucky that chicago is monitoring a lot of developments. just. reporter: first cheryl come onto tomorrow and the board meeting, the vw we think we will get a new bw ceo. this is a guy with a porsche in the u.s. multiple seats on the board tried to install, but it looks like they were finally be successful. he is president and ceo of porsche expected to be named tomorrow. not official yet. as a reporter, other automakers been implicated. the german trade publication
4:42 pm
autobuild says citing a report in europe at the bmw x three exceeded by more than 11 times in protest european emissions standards. similar to what happened with bw common they found they did better in testing in the real world. bmw says we don't manipulate the data. we have no evidence they did, but we found a discrepancy with bmw, but also with opel, mercedes-benz, volvo and hunting as well. all of those vehicles do better in the test in the lab than on the road. it opens big questions about the testing process particularly in europe on diesel engine. cheryl: things for the updates, jeff flock, coming out of chicago. >> the company set to announce new leadership. how does that hit the stock? let's bring in fox come the automotive reporter.
4:43 pm
bruce terkel, ceo. first of all, arafat is the most recent crisis we can compare this to. how does that compare with the airbag scandal? worse, the same? >> the good news is no one died. there wasn't a tragedy like that. the bad news is it is a mistake they covered up. this is an intentional path to break the laws, to sell these cars and have a clean diesel image. that is bad and it's a lot bigger than one person tries to fix it up by racing and other people get involved in covering up. they decided we are going to do this in program the cars and break these laws and advertise like it never happened. >> scott, let's talk about the stock. poverty law $17 billion in market cap. how will this affect stock are we now?
4:44 pm
hasn't seen the worst or will it get even worse than it has been? >> just a few dollars and cents. but it's been interesting if you look back in history, look at toyota, gm. the stocks originally to a kids and eventually washed up again. there is a good chance we see more weakness alone. also other names, too. in the lead and he talked about all this other companies. bmw, mercedes, hi and stuff that seems to be affect it. in times of panic, i think you win him the name to get back in. >> burrscome i'm wondering how this will affect the brand and how the brain itself for covers. a lot of folks remember the days when a catalytic converters came in and you had somebody in the neighborhood for $40 to take it off your car to make you run cleaner and cheaper.
4:45 pm
because nobody has been hurt or killed as far as we know, is this as big a hit against the images of a lot of people say it is? >> is to be a really big head because there was actually a malfeasance. here is why it gets worse. the authentic truth of the volkswagen brand was happy and trustworthy and the people buying specific smart diesels thought they were making the world a better place. they thought they were doing the right thing and it turns out not the right has been pulled out from under them. >> you know, another brand problem is the fact they are paying off the ceo of outgoing martin winter corn. reports are he could get a golden parachute as much as 60 million euros. that doesn't look so good, does it? >> will find out out exactly how much he knew. he did make this decision.
4:46 pm
he's fallen on the sword. we will find out more. >> how do they correct the image now? >> there is one way. they are handling it as well as they can. they have to do something huge. they are the biggest automaker in the world. they know they made the mistake. they have to take their resources, money, brand, something huge to figure out the way to fix the pollution issue would be the leaders. >> since the stock has been hit so hard. is it a buy right now? >> i would be careful looking at european economies and they've fallen in sympathy as well. >> guys, thank you very much. appreciate it. cheryl: keeping calm behind the wheel could make it a whole lot easier. the active on this car seat monitors and on the go therapy session for drivers.
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deirdre bolton joins us for more details. >> i think everyone does. apparently it will be in a lot of cars with an extra choice by 2020. this kind of sensor senses when your pulses, when you show other signs of stress, the ideas you would get a message that helps you breathe a little deeper, calm down even in some cases give you what they call a relaxing massage. this is coming apart from the air, also done with university researchers as well and the idea here is that traverse are less stressed, there will be fewer accidents. it sounds very promising. i agree someone who feels sensitive, and this is something i'll be interested in. and the meantime, since you're talking about volkswagen, his lawyer bringing in a $100 billion class-action
4:48 pm
lawsuit against the company. he is my guest in a half an hour. cheryl: thank you very much. see you at the top of the hour for risk and reward. >> he is in the air right now. new york city anxiously awaiting the arrival. cheryl: new polls show in trouble for hillary clinton. by the front runner is the same. that is next. ♪ we all feel the calling to build something great. ♪
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4:52 pm
from the journal. and former consultant to the obama campaign of principle equipped in consulting. james, let's talk trump first of all. is it just me or does it seem like he's more shrill than usual. >> i think he peaked a while ago and you are seeing the inevitable decline. >> not in the polls. >> has come in the polls. he goes down from here because there's not one republican primary voter over time that he doesn't know a whole lot about a lot of issues and what he knows is not that conservative. >> he was up in this news poker 25% in august, now 26%. >> i think he fades over time because as people get closer to a decision, to this point has been a peer protest against washington. it's very healthy. he's not really going to be ready for the role in terms of
4:53 pm
knowledge of issues. >> i want to talk about his campaign. i am wondering whether you may use that as an excuse for his no third-party pledge. >> he could certainly do that and the candidates would claim they would never vote for a child that he was the nominee. donald trump will find a way to get out of something in his interest had no doubt about it. the pledges he is making is not written on. >> was meant to democrats because a lot of republicans want to get rid of tron. democrats want to get rid of hillary and why joe biden to take her place. 50% of america thinks that she lied about her e-mails and other similar polls like that from democrats.
4:54 pm
what will happen there? >> is interesting on the republican and democratic side disillusionment by voters. 66% of republicans, 40% of democrats saying they feel like the party has her trade them in some sense. that is what makes this election -- hillary is not the inevitable we thought she would be. biden stepping and obviously still miss all the poll numbers around. he had a surge this week, but still are largely by hillary clinton. when you add that to the general election, right now hillary versus trump would look like hillary at 47%, trump the 42%. when you couch or against other republican candidates it looks different. the republicans are -- >> ui together hillary and bernie -- excuse me, joe and bernie and you get a bigger number than hillary alone. it is clear the plurality of democrats prefer others besides hillary. >> no doubt about it. that is where democrats made a
4:55 pm
fatal error in 2,072,008 when she was inevitable then. quite frankly the court of public opinion can be more scathing than the court of law. it seems to be already with the verdict and they don't trust her and they don't like her and that is the realm of a presidential candidate. >> tough to overcome. quite, go ahead. >> we are seeing the screwed me of the nontraditional candidates on the republican side with trump and carly fiorina and carson. 20% on the republican side are disappointed by the non-institution. >> people don't like the establishment. that is the message so far. rat, james, marjorie, thank you so much. >> historic day for new york city. we are waiting the pope's arrival in the big apple. live picture of jfk. he is in the air. we will be right back.
4:56 pm
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>> the pope on his way to new york city expect it to land at new york's jfk -- jfk airport. the next hour and the air. with another flight planner to give you an arrival time. that will be cap very secret. the helicopter right there taken the pontiff over the east river and into lower manhattan. that is where it is going to be going. >> they'll take them up fifth avenue to st. patrick's cathedral. a shot of the front doors where they will hold the evening mass, the vespers are called. you wouldn't know it from the shot, by the way, which is not indicative of the crowds as i strain my neck which we can see out of their windows as we look up sixth avenue two blocks away. just to show you how well ordered the thing is, you wouldn't know very often if
5:00 pm
there's a parade in midtown manhattan, much more craziness than what you see there. even though it's packed in manhattan right now, it's very orderly. >> evening prayers at 6:45 p.m. tonight and tomorrow the u.n., the park will be all over the place. >> that does it for us. risk and reward starts now. >> federal reserve chairman janet yellen about to speak. you are looking at the podium on inflation at the university of massachusetts. we would take you now to fox business peter barnes. he is with me with the latest. >> that is right. a copy of the speech right now. gina yellen sticking to a likely increase later this year but says any surprises in the economy could change the timing. she expects the economy to continue to be strong and support maximum employment that anchor expectations for higher inflation down the


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